Will Predators Continue To Thrive On Our Watch?

From mountain lions to great white sharks and serial law-breakers, to wolves and gun grabbers, predators abound.

Elitist leftists sip wine and eat cheese from places of authority on high hills surrounded by locked gates and private armed security, preying upon countless innocents.

They have convinced us through deceptive marketing, to don their clothing, back their causes, and finance their ways and means at every level of private and public life in perfect obedience to Mother Earth, their god of environment.

Art fairs, museums, marches and demonstrations, long trips to Congress, trips around the world on our dime to U.N. events, hundreds of millions continue landing in their coffers with hundreds of brainwashed legal minds following the money to viciously defend them in their positions.

Unsuspecting and busy working and living our lives, we are lulled into obedience to their billboards and signs and social media and public radio and magazines and every other advertising norm convincing us to support their lust for world-wide dominance via their seemingly noble salvation of species. Their mascots claim a spot at each of our tables on our cereal boxes, coffee houses, spas and pubs, salad clam shells and energy bars- all filling our bellies while saving their environment.
Innocent pleas by their snuggly Panda and clinging Koala all move us to fund their organizations which support endless regulations which only strip us of our once tax-free existence, forcing us into the office to make wages which support their free outdoor love affair. Perfect sustainability, for them.

This bait and switch marketing tactic is depicted by the 1995 National Fish and Wildlife Services forced reintroduction of apex, invasive, non-native predators into unwilling States like Idaho and Wyoming, in addition to the forced abolition of timber harvest in the Pacific Northwest on our Federal land. This all pitched by the granola marketing engine as a means of protecting owls while the actual science behind the decline of spotted owls points to cannibalism by their barred owl cousins.

The 1995 Canadian Timber Wolf introduction to the Rocky Mountains of Idaho is destroying elk and deer herds and crippling cattlemen and shepherds and family livelihoods.

In one Idaho county alone, over 15,000 elk, or 5.25 million pounds of meat was surrendered to wolves. This organic meat could have fed 15,000 hunting families willing to balance the herd. But it was wasted, tossed to the wolves, just like trillions of board feet of timber tossed to the flames of out of control forest fires that never would have spread had men better managed not just the resource, but their money which fueled these elitist predators. Nevermind sheep and cattle herds decimated by the wolves, eroding the slim profitability of the livestock business.

Hundreds of millions of dollars a year never come to the aid of the innocent unborn in the womb, nor to the aid of land-based, actual sustainable businesses which employ us all and define our tax base.

Either predators are good, or they are bad.

Either serial rapists and pedophiles and executive perverts and extortioners are good, or they are bad.

Either managing forests and open spaces by logging and grazing is good, or it is bad.

If the extreme environmentalist agenda had a single degree of transparency, their mascots would not be fury and clingy and cuddly with round eyes and soft fur and feathers, but they would be slithering serpents, sucking leaches, and pouncing, ripping, and tearing lions and wolves. But the predatory mascots do not fit the Bambi narrative, and so cute and cuddly prevails in their marketing.

But today a few good men, principled men, not perfect men, but repentant men, have revealed some of the truth in lies of environmental activism marketing.

We at OlPro.org are sheepdogs for a flock which has been ravished upon the watch of our most recent forebearers who were too busy providing for us to lift up their heads.

Sixty years of prayer removed from the classroom and a disdain for things which are holy and right has landed us here. Roe V. Wade, Endangered Species Act, 1974, men before us slept on duty. “Can you not stand and watch with me for one hour?”, the Master asked the generations before them.

Two world wars and endless veteran bashing on the back of two bloody, communist Asian conflicts culminated in a victory for U.S. militant feminism in neutering the fortitude of manhood, reducing the fighting man to his day job, removing him from prominence in halls of Congress and opinion. This ugly phenomena began even before Jane Fonda, in a time when compromisers were signing away our Constitutional freedoms under Woodrow Wilson and FDR, saddling us to social programs and indebtedness we may never repay.  

And learning from history, and being sure not to repeat it, it is now we, men, not anyone else, not sexually confused men nor feminists hell-bent on the destruction of the family unit in their pursuit of the goddess lifestyle, who must revisit our manhood, come to face with the errors of the past, and now study and commit to repentance and Exodus 20, lest the blood be upon our hands another year.

When end-of-the-year giving time comes in 2020, we must know intimately the beneficiaries of our giving, lest those we enable continue to turn and reveal their fangs to rip and cut and dismember, all in a pursuit of their gods of progress.

And before we jump at the opportunity to advertise for the enemy in pursuit of our own hobby gods (many of whose roots only have the desire to find ourselves favorable among men), whether by our food and drink purchases or by our apparel, or our sports or education decisions, or by our year end giving, we must ask before swiping the card or cutting the check, “How much are my children and grandchildren and their freedoms really worth?”

And many of us reading this only have a handful more seasons. What seeds we plant now will come to bear either thorns or much fruit in our absence.

So, this message is urgent. It’s not entitled to a soft audience in favor of laisse faire and those appealing to a systematic approach to win friends and influence people. Northern Idaho, much of rural Oregon, and many other places dotting our wildlands are already at capacity with leather reclined half drunk ex-patriots lulled to inaction by reruns of John Wayne westerns and complacent soft porn all made possible by the wood stove and a flesh ingratiating escape mentality which serves only one. 

This message is for innovators, frontiersmen, founders, and purveyors of truth. Come have a seat at the table.

Find the information on www.olpro.org as a launching point for gathering, for discussion, for critique, for self-examination.

None of us is perfect, as perfection alone belongs to God. But let us realize our frailties and pride, and love for disassociation, and love for being number one, and set those things aside, as we come together as men, similar in values based upon the Rock who is Christ alone, to fight with our cumulative dollars for a generation which needs desperately the legal minds beyond all our pay grades which will defend not only us, but them, from the ravenous wolves.

If the reader cannot quickly give a list of five non-profit values-based groups he emphatically supports at the year end, ww.OlPro.org exists to lead him to those who do.

If you invest in stocks and bonds, values-based mutual funds exist to invest your tax deferred and taxable investments according to your values.

In the non-profit world, however, this “brokerage service” of values-based giving has not existed until now.

At year end giving time, one check is cut to OlPro.org, and many checks are cut to the organizations which best support our cumulative values listed on the website. If an organization falls out of line with our values, we have the liberty and efficiency to support others that do, no questions asked, so you can stand before God one day and know to the best of your knowledge that you empowered the wisest stewards with the fruit of your labors.

How can I help, you ask?

OlPro.org is in its founding stages. We have several good men now, but are assembling a few more foundational men to represent us. The vision has been cast, and now, the building begins.

We are in need of legal counsel to finalize our 501 C-3 status.

We are in need of an advanced outreach coordinator, skilled in email and marketing campaigning.

We are in need of a prayer counselor, a man who will be designated to pray for the movement and members if needed, as things move forward.

God bless you, and yours, and ours. For as we know, the greatest way for evil to exist, is for good men to do nothing. Let that not be said about those of us who take shooting straight seriously.