What does the Green Party and Communism or Socialism have in Common

What does the Green Party and Communism or Socialism have in Common?

Communism is wrong. It has never been right. But it has slipped into our society in more ways than one.

Communist Party USA
Communist Party USA

“What Green Really Means” is a book that takes painstaking time to show how the spirit behind Hitler, Stalin, Kruschev and the rest is alive and well here today in America in the Green Party. 

Like Hitler who painted the “evil Jew” as the reason behind the meltdown of WWII Germany, the organizations saving trees, whales, and wildlife littering our countryside today have all painted “evil Corporate America” as the enemy to the environment today.

And like Hitler murdered millions opposed to his agenda, the same evil spirit of human extermination has murdered millions of unborn children here in the U.S. since 1974 when Roe V. Wade was decided.

It’s also no irony that in 1974 the Endangered Species Act became law.

Think of it, patriot! So much for life, or liberty, or the pursuit of happiness.

Since 1974, in America, it’s been entirely acceptable to murder children in the womb, yet protect the lives of frogs, and fish?

OlPro.org exists to roll back the tide over the crustaceans invading our courtrooms, our counties, and our farms and fields.

Whether you know it intimately or not, the Civil War has already begun. It’s been fought since the sixties, ever since the hippy rebellion at Woodstock and Height Ashbury.

Socialist Party USA
Socialist Party USA

The extreme environmental agenda has out-funded the Constitutional Conservatism movement 100:1, and they’ve got us all locked up fighting legal battles to keep our ranches and businesses.

But enough is enough, patriot! It’s time again to stand against the Communists!