This Land Is Our Land

This Land Is Our Land!

For many generations we have worked the land, run and milked the herds, mined the hills, built the buildings and manned the hammers and drills, all to make this country a place worth living and fighting for.

But there is a more organized, extremely well-funded militia of extremists whose primary desire it is to have your private property converted back to its original state as habitat for “endangered species.”

They will use delta smelt, spotted owls, orcas and frogs, and any other crawling, flying, or creeping thing as a scapegoat to usurp your rights to life, liberty, and the age-old, God-given pursuit of happiness.

Their real agendas are often hidden, yet they all share a common goal to eventually possess all the land, minerals and water they can get their hands on.

With all our diverse land-based businesses, it is difficult to organize

or even find a common bond, as fruit and nut growers in California have little in common with dairymen in Iowa. The commercial builder, miner, or factory owner is too busy with business to even speak to the egg farmer in Maryland, let alone work together with him. 

Yet even among our varied interests, one thing is clear, our common enemy.

We read about the lawsuits they levy on our neighbors for “killing them with cancer from our ag-sprays”, while their mouths are stuffed with the food we produce.

They take drastic measures to shut down our log forests and pipelines, while our products shelter them in homes and push their cars.

They fill our editorials and voicemails with constant complaining about our feedlots,  dairies, and vineyards, while they slice smoked meats, cut fine cheese and sip the fine wines our labors have all produced.

But other than pay expensive insurance premiums and vote each election, the most we have done as a group is to kick rocks in the driveway and poke at our coffee cup lamenting about these radicals.

So what should we do?

For starters, none of us wants to pay more taxes. So most of us give to tax exempt organizations at the end of each tax year. exists to simply funnel giving to the organizations which best represent our collective values. Cut us one large check and we cut twenty checks to the most efficient organizations vetted by our staff for fiscal and constitutionally conservative accountability. If one of these outfits blows it, we send money elsewhere, no questions asked.

When an organization requests financial support, playing an emotional video or audio about this cause to end poverty or that cause to mop up the storm-ravaged gulf coast, all of us are moved emotionally to give. 

The question is, before we cut the check, who does the organization itself really support? Out of every dollar, how much ends up on the frontline?

Will poverty ever end, or is it better to support organizations who will teach men to fish?

Who do their boards of directors and officers support?

With a little digging we often find out that the seemingly pure and innocent non-profit with its finely crafted outreach message may just in fact be supporting legal teams,  lobbyists, and law makers whose values run in opposition to ours.

Fifty years ago, they may have been good and conservative, yet today their members and giving are riddled with compromise.

Dad warned us to “follow the money”, and that is exactly what we at take the time to do.

We also streamline our finances to come to the aid of one another.

Alternative Insurance is one proof to the call being answered of folks fed up with the Health Insurance Industry.

Prepaid Legal Services are another example of citizens uniting to protect themselves in advance.

In the same way, financially supports professional legal institutions who tow the line of American conservatism.

We believe that by streamlining our finances, we can present large sums of money so these legal experts can attract, train, and retain the best of the best.

Together we will offer scholarships and even fund a University focused on the constitutional conservative legal lobby.

Think this one through:

Who are you going to call when a kid trespasses onto your mine and gets run over by your equipment, or drowns in your wastewater pond?

If your mine is worth 100 million dollars, is your 10 million dollar liability insurance policy going to protect you, or is the greedy and negligent parent going to go for the whole mine?

So who do you call? Chances are you are going to jump online and start doing research until you find an attorney somewhere who may have fought and won a similar battle somewhere else. 

But is that attorney willing to travel for your case? Will he come alone, or does he have a team? What is his common goal? Is there a conflict of interest? 

What if, due your pre-planning and co-operating, not only did you have the combined legal power of the mining industry, but what if that team represented all of ag, timber, gas, and property rights in general?

Did you know that one of the most powerful conservative legal groups on the West Coast barely fundraises ten million dollars a year? What if, due to our crowd funding, that same small group of attorneys had a hundred million dollars to fight for us with an army of twenty attorneys and fifty legal aids? This, my friends, is exactly the scope of the opposition we find ourselves going up against with our single attorneys today.

Ask around. How did it go for your neighbor, farmer Bob, last time he was sued?

Attorneys get old an die and retire, just like the rest of us, so we better have the best and brightest at the top of the list, or else we could spend days and weeks and months and lose a fight we could have been better prepared and manned to handle from the beginning.

They’ve already harmed us as they sued us for spilling hot coffee upon themselves.

They have already harmed us in taking water granted to us at the close of escrow under our 1958 grandfathered water rights.

They kept us from pumping out of the river so “steelhead could swim”, while the hidden agenda was to steal our ag water to flush their own manure waste far out into the Pacific.

They already succeeded in clean air, clean water, and overly safe food. Do you think they are satisfied and will stop now? Not a chance. They have too many salaries of too many agency employees they need to fund. So who will hold them and their power-hungry agencies responsible? Us.

Congress was designed to exercise the power they foolishly granted to the agencies, and now we are all paying.

The best defense is a powerful offense.

Isn’t it about time we run the ball?

China exports tons of mercury from their coal power plants, we receive the rain and the mercury, it ends up in the rivers and in the mouths of fish, and its the fault of the timber industry? Send China the bill and sue the agencies.

The damage is already done. The question is, will we take the fight to them, or live out the rest of our years watching our grandfathers legacies slip through our fingers so they can kayak and gaze at wild horses on what once used to be our watering sources and open ranges?

Don’t we owe it to the sacrificed life of Lavoy Finicum, the cowboy who came to the rescue of his fellow cattleman in Eastern Oregon?

Sure he may of been radical to take and defend another cowboy two States away, but what did we do?

We did nothing but watch the news. Finicum and others braved the elements, leaving the comfort of the recliner and wood stove dead of winter because they knew it was right to head to Eastern Oregon and speak out against socialist land grabbers.

Our grandfathers were bold enough to leave Kansas and other places in wagons in the heat of summer to seek greener pastures for their families.

The real question is, are we bold enough to face globalist billionaires chomping at the bit to possess what our forefathers labored and died for?

Let’s face it. Being a property owner isn’t the fun it used to be. Doors were unlocked, apple pie was waiting on the table, and a man’s word and a handshake was all you needed. 

Now its rod iron and the threat of the farm being stolen out from underneath us. 

When was the last time you granted a stranger hunting access to your land?

We know. The liability isn’t worth it.

Ag crime and commercial property crimes are through the roof, as many of our properties are within proximity to a freshly imported generation entitled to something they never worked for.

But it doesn’t have to be this way for our kids and grandkids!

Let’s give them the option to stay in ag and coal and oil and gas and timber and mining and construction and whatever else before that option is handed over to folks in the city so the rural landscape reverts back to sagebrush and dust bowls so crickets and frogs and salamanders have more room to roam without us.

The time is now. If not now, then when?

Begin by proudly displaying our OlPro bumper sticker and wear your hat. Let your friends at coffee know your chips are on the table.

We need General Washingtons today, men with backbone. This is a call to financial cavalry.

There is a young generation asking for leadership, even though they claim to have the answers.

Why don’t we show them what it means to lead?

Every one of us knows we need to take back the courtroom. So far, we’re being out-gunned 100:1. What if one day we convinced the Supreme Court to do away with the Endangered Species Act and prohibit anyone from suing us with public funded attorneys?

Come with us, men of courage.

Let’s put our money where our mouths are, and let’s assure our money won’t be squandered or wasted on top-heavy boards with lavish salaries in bed with lizard lovers.

God bless you and thank you, men of courage.