The Problem

At OlPro, talk is cheap. The days of men in Wranglers kicking rocks in the driveway are over. We know who the enemy is. The turf is ours, and we’ve had enough.

Commodity prices are down, they’ve shut down half the producers across the West with overwhelming environmental regulations and fees, and now is the time to fight.

Sitting ducks right on the pond, every environmental cause knows right where the ranch sits. Any college pedigree with a clean air law-book can see our stacks “destroying the environment” from miles away. Nevermind the power they use from our plants to drive their software and printers used to put us out of business. Forget about the fuel they pump into their cars which broadcast public radio convincing them that we producers of energy are the enemy.

They stopped us from building our pipelines, yet with the same mouth they cry “pull us out of the Persian Gulf” where we fight for cheap imported oil. Do you smell the hypocrisy?

The point all of us at OlPro are making is the enviro-crowd has found themselves out.

We know they want our farms and ranches so they can convert them to lakes and ponds they can kayak across. These “champions of the unforgotten” have simply dug up the dirt to find a buried toad they can use as the reason to steal our land. Salamanders, smelt, sucker fish, does the list ever end?

Did you know that the five top environmental causes employ more than 1500 attorneys, raising upwards of 5 billion dollars each year? They’ve been united since the 60’s. These people have sued the Trump administration now (as of 3/2019) some 80 times. They brag about how easy it is to accomplish victory in the lower courts because the judges don’t want to fight them.

Did you know they use every means possible to convince their friends in every corner of the planet, that somehow they will save the world if they put us all out of business?

This is true, friends. The environmental agenda succeeds when we fail. It’s in black and white all across their websites. “Corporate America” is their declared enemy.
They have succeeded in battering the brow of their enemy. The question is, how much longer are we willing to endure the pain and suffering they have already caused? exists to channel funds to the brightest, Constitutional Conservative legal organizations in the country. We will provide grants and scholarships for students looking to stand up for our land based rights in the courtroom. Eventually we will fund a University which will aim to uphold the same values.

Did you know Yale, Harvard, Princeton, and so many countless liberal Universities today spawning hundreds of Green Party attorneys were originally founded on Biblical, Constitutionally Conservative ideals? It’s time for new, higher education.

We know your time is precious, as is ours. So we are brief and to the point in everything we do at OlPro, so that all of us can spend less time doing this, and more time with the ones we love.

You will not find hard to understand legal language anywhere on our site, because we are not attorneys. We are fourth generation farmers just like you. We grew up spraying our crops, watching our parents get in the newspaper as the neighbors were convinced we were killing them with our organic sprays. We watched the land-grabbers come after us at the ballot box, and we see them coming for the water grandpa thought was his when he bought the ranch in the fifties.

There are many great sister causes we will support to accomplish the goals of OlPro. We encourage you to reach out and link with us at this critical time so we are not duplicating efforts.