The Lost Art of Justice

Encompassed within the American ideal of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, is the age-old commandment to “do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God.”

Unpacking this ancient Biblical text, we find that doing what is right and just supersedes the human virtue of kindness, compassion, and having a blameless walk with ones Creator.

In other words, the cart cannot come before the horse.

We cannot expect to fully embrace any goodness with man or right standing with God until we first act judiciously upon the evils of our day.

Taking the life of an unborn human is our first grievance, but what about how we treat murderers by our lenient prison sentences?

What about the abolition of the death penalty in so many States within our Union?

How about white collar criminals, religious leaders, and elected officials handed down punitive judgements even after robbing, molesting, and betraying our communities from their trusted, elected posts?

All of the above is categorically wrong, and not in-line with our founding ideals.

Yet not so very long ago in this very United of States, arson, rape, and murder were all punishable by death.

Only a society which believes it right to destroy the life of innocent unborns would make exception and spare the lives of convicted murderers, pedophiles, and predators. not only vets and supports organizations focused on preserving the right to life, but we also financially support those who take seriously, justice.

We must first do justly before understanding mercy, or finding ourselves in humble standing before Almighty God, lest any of us stand in front of God with innocent or unjust blood on our hands.

The proof of moral collapse due our backwards, half-hearted, so-called compassionate stance toward punishing law-breakers has been well documented by our overcrowded prisons, emboldened mass-murderers, and sport rapists trolling our communities and littering our news-reels. 

It is high time we stop blaming the gun for pulling its own trigger!

OlPro men of courage know that our problems we see today in society have much to do with absentee fathers, divorce, and a society which has entrusted school teachers to raise our children. 

Now is the time for us to represent and embody the ideals and values which will restore the hopes and dreams of young people, before they commit suicide or gun down innocents in another drug-induced fury.

We must invest in the lives of our children. We must be there for them, to shepherd and guide and lead them, as they are more hungry than ever for leadership.

Cowards, liars, globalists and socialists will continue to lead in our absence.

OlPro men is fraternity.  We are brotherhood. We are unashamed of doing and speaking of things which are right. We believe that righteousness is actually cool.

Respond with us to the upward call.