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Olpro Gun Fight

In a recent article I read in response to recent mass shootings in America, the commentator indicated that “gun lovers are mentally ill”, and “having an armed society would never prevent these massacres we have witnessed of late.

Here at OlPro.org, we couldn’t disagree more.

First off, the only one to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Imagine if there were individuals carrying concealed within close proximity of the shooter (s)?

If it were me or any of my friends armed with even a simple Glock 19 9mm with eleven rounds carrying concealed, I promise you none of us would run and hide and scream and cower in fear while the madman has his way with innocent life.

No. In fact, we would duck for cover, take up an offensive, and aim and shoot to kill.

At fifty yards, most of us who carry concealed and practice are able to place at least half a dozen shots within a paper plate. The rest of our friends might hit the plate only one time at that range.

But if the shooter were at least being fired upon even if the shots were misses, the shooter and his confidence level to gun down tens and twenties would be reduced exponentially, as mad shooter would now himself be in run for cover mode.

Why anyone would find himself in a public place these days, without arms, needs to be the sanity test, rather than questioning the existence of guns-whether single shot or repeater.

Lets face it friends, we need to start looking not at the gun, as the gun has been around forever, but lets start looking at the shooter!

Chances are, we dig a little and find that shooter has poor relationship with his Dad, dependency on drugs, prescription or illegal, finds himself in isolation likely in front of video games and violent movies, reckless history of relationships, struggles with depression, the list goes on.

But society blames guns, while good guys guns lay idle in locked safes by countless millions.

What if good guys, police or armed citizenry, actually came to the events armed from head to teeth?

We see this in places like Israel. 

This is also the case in celebrity gatherings, whether we notice or not.

So why are we not protecting the least of those among us on a daily basis?

For me, the reason is inconvenience and an admitted fear of public shame.

If I roll into the customer service center of the place where my oil is being changed, with AR-15 and 60 rounds, it might cause a stir as it did lately in a Wal-Mart, where a seemingly good guy recently caused panic doing just that.

So the next option is concealed carry.

Its inconvenient. 

It requires me to have a bulge in my hip, extra weight pulling my pants down, and back pain as I constantly adjust my spine around “Big Iron” in my pocket.

But how much do I love my countrymen?

I carry when with the kids, but I’m bare when out by myself, even as I type.

It’s not an easy thing to figure out, but if we start to reason not with the gun, but with the shooter and his instability, knowing thousands of instables are in society, perhaps then we will understand the dangers and begin to take safeguard measures.

For me and mine in the meantime, we hope you and yours will keep carrying.