Here at OLPRO...

We believe that human life takes priority over animal life and that families who work the land are now an endangered species.

We need to work together to protect ourselves and each other before we are driven to extinction.

Farmers, ranchers, dairymen, miners, timber-men, oil and gas workers, these are just a few of the trades established by generations of hard work, sweat, a good number of sleepless nights and very, very many early mornings.

These land based economies employ millions of Americans. These are the trades that keep food on the table, fuel in the vehicle – that build homes and keep them warm in North Dakota winters and cool in Arizona summers.

An assault on the American worker, the boss that he works for and yes, the corporation that they both work for is an assault on the liberty, prosperity and future of our great nation.

It is time for hard working Americans to stand up to those special interest groups who’s only interest seems to be destroying small town and rural economies through relentless, well funded and ill gotten legal victories.

Join The Fight!

Who Are We... helps concerned individuals and businesses to give to organizations and NGO’s that defend the values upon which our Constitutional Republic was founded.

The American people are a generous people who care about the truly vulnerable in our midst. Unfortunately this heritage of good will is preyed upon by deceitful organizations who use a cloak of kindness to help fund an agenda of stealing from families,destroying the means of prosperity and murdering the unborn.

Chief among our American liberties is the right to life and the pursuit of happiness. To deny anyone these rights is simply un- American.

Fifty years ago most charity organizations understood these basic concepts of essential decency and human dignity. Yet today many of these same charities, recipients of hundreds of millions of dollars in year end giving, directly fuel the evil initiatives to destroy prosperity and yes to even murder the most vulnerable of all Americans – those who are yet to be born. exits to ensure that decent, life and liberty loving people are not being tricked into supporting ‘charities’ now subverted by radical environmentalism or the abortion industry.

You deserve to know that your charitable giving will not leave blood on your hands! This is why, helps you direct your compassion to organizations which support the beliefs of this free Republic – “one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.”